Plus Ahead of Safety

We continue to innovate and strive to become the leader in the personal safety protection industry.

The most comprehensive fall protection, excellent and innovative design, a wide range of uses.

Our products provide the greatest comfort to user.


chapter 01

Self-retracting lifeline

The brake system is automatically activated when the user falls from height.

The user stop at high altitude and wait for rescue.

chapter 02

Lanyard safety

chapter 03

Rescue Tripod

chapter 04

full body harness

The full-body safety belt is used in conjunction with the self-retracting lifeline,When the user falls from a height, the impact force of the fall can be effectively dispersed.

Self-retracting lifeline


Perfect appearance

The designer design the rounded appearance of the product to make the operation more convenient , the crimping force strong and not easy to get machinery fatigue.


The designer upgrade the function of the parts and make the parts refined.


Rotating hook, no Knot

The lightweight synthetic components are easy to carry and set up. The rotating hook has a warning function, and the safety warning line is obvious.


Various size, high strength lanyard

Products is made of highly elastic braided belts and steel cables , it makes user feel more at ease when using.

go of safety

our product

It is made of the cabinet which can withstand high impact and of components with the high corrosion resistance stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the product is sturdy and durable.

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